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Flexible Packaging & Plastic Tubing Manufacturer – Poly Pak Plastics

Plastic Tubing

Clear or Colored Tubing

Clear or Colored Tubing

Flexible Packaging Tubing

Flexible Packaging Tubing

  • Flexible packaging solutions in the size you need
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film
  • FDA approved for food and other consumables
  • Static control tubing available upon request

Poly Pak Plastics is a custom wholesale manufacturer of plastic tubing. We extrude and convert 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film into whatever size poly tubing you need. Because it's made from virgin polyethylene materials, tubing is FDA approved for food and medical handling. Bags are clear though custom coloring is available to suit your specific application. Poly tubing is heat sealable and thermal sealers and other bag closers can be ordered through Poly Pak Plastics.

Plastic Tubing Measurements

Poly Pak standard size, layflat and gusseted bags on a roll are stocked in house for fast delivery. The core of these rolls is 3" and core plugs have a 1" diameter hole. Measurements are shown as width x gauge. Choose the gauge you need then the width. The full length of the roll ranges from 300' at the shortest to 4000' at the longest—the higher the gauge the shorter the length of film on a roll. Determining the Right Fit will help you choose which tubing option works for your application. If you don’t see the size you need, request a custom quote!

Poly Pak Plastics is a premiere resource for your entire poly tubing needs. Whether you're looking for static control or FDA approved poly tubing, find flexible packaging solutions to fit your needs. This product is ideal for a variety of components in varying lengths and sizes. Tubing is heat sealable and a durable bottom seal can be custom ordered for use with products that are similar in size.

We have the packaging solution for you through our large in-house inventory of poly bags, tubing, and poly sheeting. Having a large in-stock inventory allows us to provide you with fast turnaround on all orders; even custom orders can generally be turned around within 5 days! Contact us to find out more.

Product NumberProduct DescriptionMilQty
TUB-300-10 TU 30X0015 2000'/roll 1.5
TUB-320-10 TU 32X0015 2000'/roll 1.5
TUB-360-10 TU 36X0015 1800'/roll 1.5
TUB-400-10 TU 40X0015 1600'/roll 1.5
TUB-480-10 TU 48X0015 1200'/roll 1.5
TUB-010-15 TU 1X002 1500'/roll 2
TUB-01.50-15 TU 1.5X002 1500'/roll 2
TUB-020-15 TU 2X002 1500'/roll 2
TUB-02.50-15 TU 2.5X002 1500'/roll 2
TUB-030-15 TU 3X002 1500'/roll 2
TUB-040-15 TU 4X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-050-15 TU 5X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-060-15 TU 6X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-070-15 TU 7X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-080-15 TU 8X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-090-15 TU 9X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-100-15 TU 10X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-120-15 TU 12X002 3000'/roll 2
TUB-130-15 TU 13X002 2700'/roll 2
TUB-140-15 TU 14X002 2700'/roll 2

Place your order today for the products you’re looking for. For a free quote, call us at 1-800-842-3113 or fill out our online form.