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Standard Sized, Small Plastic Storage Bags, Plastic Tubing & More Poly Pak Plastics

Standard Plastic Storage Products

Plastic Tubing

Plastic Tubing

Small Plastic Bags

Small Plastic Bags

  • 100% quality guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film
  • Short lead times due to in-house inventory of all standard products
  • Extruding and converting machines in house for quality control

Poly Pak Plastics is your premier manufacturing and distribution center for poly bags, plastic tubing, and plastic sheeting. The in-house inventory of standard polyethylene products is replenished everyday, keeping our prices low and lead times short. From small plastic storage bags to large agricultural plastic liners, we have the standard poly products you need for your application.

Standard Poly Products

Choose from the list of poly products below to order your standard sizes today. We have an extensive inventory of all standard products to ensure your order is fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

How to Choose the Right Fit for Your Poly Products

  • Standard lay flat and industrial bags are measured as width x length x gauge
  • Side gusseted bags are measured as width x gusset x length x gauge
  • 1 mil is for light duty while 6 mil provides you with a heavy duty bag

When choosing a standard poly bag for your application, choose the gauge you need and then determine the length and width. For help in selecting the proper size and thickness, click on Determining the Right Fit or Determining the Right Thickness. You will need to have a component available to measure. We provide free test samples to ensure your order will be exactly what you need.

For assistance choosing the standard size poly bag that fits your application, contact us. To order custom sized bags or atypical poly products, fill out the custom quote form. Quality products at competitive prices... that's Poly Pak Plastics!