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FDA & USDA Quality Reclosable Poly Bags Poly Pak Plastics

Reclosable Poly Bags

FDA/USDA Recloseable bags

FDA/USDA Recloseable Bags

Standard and Custom Ziplocks

Standard and Custom Ziplocks

  • Meets FDA, USDA requirements
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene
  • 2, 4, or 6 mil thickness
  • Standard and custom sizes

Poly Pak Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of reclosable poly bags. Our reclosable poly bags are made using high clarity, 100% virgin polyethylene that fit FDA / USDA requirements for food contact. Both standard and custom sizes are available. Please select your desired mil thickness below to choose a standard size bag. For custom length, width, or thickness, contact us to request a quote! We offer a 100% GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects on all our poly bag products!

Reclosable Poly Bag Measurements

Reclosable poly bag measurements are determined as width x length x gauge. Choose your desired gauge first, then select the width and length you need to fit your product. Zip top bags with white block are also available.

Our standard bags range from 1.5" — 24" wide and 2" — 24" long. Trying to decide the size reclosable bag you need? Check out Determining the Right Fit. There you will find instructions on how to measure your product to determine the correct size poly bag you need for your application. If one of our standard sized bags doesn't fit your item, contact us for a custom quote!

Product NumberProduct DescriptionMilQty
ZIP-2201 ZT 1.5X2X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2202 ZT 2X2X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2203 ZT 2X3X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2204 ZT 2X5X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2205 ZT 2X8X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2206 ZT 3X3X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2207 ZT 3X4X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2208 ZT 3X5X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2209 ZT 3X6X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2210 ZT 4X4X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2211 ZT 4X6X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2212 ZT 4X7X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2213 ZT 4X8X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2214 ZT 5X5X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2215 ZT 5X7X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2216 ZT 5X8X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2217 ZT 5X10X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2218 ZT 5X12X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2219 ZT 6X4X002 1000/CTN 2
ZIP-2220 ZT 6X6X002 1000/CTN 2

For wholesale prices and low minimums, come to us for all your reclosable bags. Poly Pak Plastics is your one stop shop for all your poly bag needs. Contact us to find out more!