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Static Electricity Protection With Anti-Static bags Poly Pak Plastics

Static Control Polyethylene Products

Anti-Static Bags & Tubing

Anti_Static Bags

Anti_Static Bags

Anti-Static Tubing

Anti-Static Tubing

  • Ideal for electronic and medical components
  • Maximum protection from static electricity
  • Lay flat poly bags, gusseted bags, and tubing
  • Standard pink (custom order clear or other color products)

Poly Pak Plastics is a custom manufacturer of static control products including pink anti-static bags and tubing. We provide a 100% guarantee against all manufacturing defects, making sure you receive the highest quality in static control products.

Anti-Static Bag Measurements

Anti-static bags are measured as width x length x gauge. Select the gauge you need followed by width and length. If you do not see the size you need, custom orders are easily available through a custom quote. If you're not sure what size bag will fit your components or what mil will work best, see Determining the Right Fit for help.

Static-control bags are perfect for medical and electronic components and printed circuit boards. They are made with an extra strong seal to ensure your products are always secure. Our pink anti-static products can be custom ordered in clear or other colors if requested. These bags are generally lay flat bags with either an open top or reclosable zip-top. They can be ordered in any size you need. Custom labeling is provided to build your brand recognition. Anti-static tubing is also available. Standard stock products ship quickly and most custom orders are turned around in just 5 days.

Product NumberProduct DescriptionMilQty
PPP0305002PAS PAS 3X5X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP0406002PAS PAS 4X6X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP0507002PAS PAS 5X7X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP0608002PAS PAS 6X8X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP0610002PAS PAS 6X10X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP0810002PAS PAS 8X10X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP0912002PAS PAS 9X12X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP1016002PAS PAS 10X16X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP1215002PAS PAS 12X15X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP1218002PAS PAS 12X18X002 (1000cnt) 2
PPP1824002PAS PAS 18X24X002 (500cnt) 2
PPP2436002PAS PAS 24X36X002 (250cnt) 2
PPP0305004PAS PAS 3X5004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0405004PAS PAS 4X5X004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0406004PAS PAS 4X6X004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0408004PAS PAS 4X8X004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0507004PAS PAS 5X7X004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0508004PAS PAS 5X8X004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0608004PAS PAS 6X8X004 (1000cnt) 4
PPP0609004PAS PAS 6X9X004 (1000cnt) 4

Order your PAS (pink anti-static) bags and tubing today from Poly Pak Plastics. For ordering information or to get a free quote, call us at 1-800-842-3113. Get your custom quote for unique applications if a standard stock item won't work. We manufacture anti-static bags and distribute at wholesale prices with low minimum orders.