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Food Grade Gusseted Poly Bags Poly Pak Plastics

Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Poly Bag Dimensions

Gusseted Poly Bag Dimensions

Perfect for Product to sit on shelf

Perfect for Product to Sit on Shelf

  • Meets USDA, FDA requirements
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene
  • 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mil thickness
  • Stock and custom sizes

Turn to Poly Pak Plastics for gusseted poly bags in both standard and custom sizes. Poly Pak Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of polyethylene products including bags, tubing, and sheeting. Our high clarity, 100% virgin polyethylene gusseted bags are FDA and USDA approved for food handling. A 100% GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects is provided for all gusseted poly bags!

Gusseted Poly Bag Measurements

  • Side gusseted bags: width x gusset x length x gauge (standard & custom sizes available)
  • Bottom gusseted bags: width x length x gusset x gauge (custom quote only)
  • Depending on size, poly bags are available in cartons of 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, or 1000

Standard bags range from 4" — 30" wide and 8" — 60" long. Standard side gusseted poly bags are always in-stock for immediate purchase and shipment whereas custom bags and bottom gusseted bags are available through custom quote only. Blanket orders on all stock and custom products are also available through a stock and release program. Contact us to learn more about it! Learn how to determine the right size poly bag for your product or application by checking out our sizing info.

Product NumberProduct DescriptionMilQty
PPP161436002 GU 16X14X36X002 250/CTN 2
PPP181436002 GU 18X14X36X002 250/CTN 2
PPP181640002 GU 18X16X40X002 200/CTN 2
PPP201036002 GU 20X10X36X002 250/CTN 2
PPP201642002 GU 20X16X42X002 200/CTN 2
PPP201660002 GU 20X16X60X002 100/CTN 2
PPP201836002 GU 20X18X36X002 250/CTN 2
PPP202048002 GU 20X20X48X002 100/CTN 2
PPP241036002 GU 24X10X36X002 250/CTN 2
PPP241048002 GU 24X10X48X002 200/CTN 2
PPP241236002 GU 24X12X36X002 250/CTN 2
PPP242048002 GU 24X20X48X002 100/CTN 2
PPP242448002 GU 24X24X48X002 100/CTN 2
PPP262448002 GU 26X24X48X002 100/CTN 2
PPP262460002 GU 26X24X60X002 100/CTN 2
PPP282452002 GU 28X24X52X002 100/CTN 2
PPP282460002 GU 28X24X60X002 100/CTN 2
PPP301848002 GU 30X18X48X002 100/CTN 2
PPP302660002 GU 30X26X60X002 100/CTN 2
PPP040208003 GU 4X2X8X003 1000/CTN 3

For more information on Poly Pak Plastics and the products we manufacture or distribute, contact us! We would love to be your poly bag supplier. We provide gusseted poly bags at wholesale prices with low minimum orders.