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Extruded Plastic Sheeting & Continuous Roll Applications Poly Pak Plastics

C&A Continuous Roll Sheeting

Continuous Roll Sheeting

Continuous Roll Sheeting

Construction/Agricultural film

Construction/Agricultural Film

  • Ideal for construction and agricultural applications
  • Provides insulation from weather and environmental hazards
  • Winter and summer applicable
  • Made from quality polyethylene film
  • Available in 2, 4, or 6 mil

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Poly Pak Plastics is your premier manufacturer of continuous roll sheeting. Ideal for agricultural and construction applications, this durable low density polyethylene film comes in either clear or black and a variety of sizes and mil thicknesses. This poly film is able to be used in both high and low temperatures without breaking or cracking.

Black polyethylene sheeting

Clear polyethylene sheeting

This extruded plastic sheeting works great as a vapor barrier or drop cloth for various industrial, agricultural, and constructional functions. It provides protection from moisture, dust, and debris and withstands the most severe temperatures. Our extruded plastic meets the industrial standards to hold up under your most rigorous applications.

Extruded plastic sheeting is strong, durable, and pliable. It's flexible and easily maneuvered in any weather conditions. Agricultural and constructional poly film can be used as a tarp to protect your project from weather or other elements. This sheeting is often used as a large plastic liner underneath a backyard ice rink during cold Midwestern winters. Contact us to find out how we can supply you with a plastic liner for your backyard skating rink!

Product NumberProduct DescriptionMilQty
SHT-4380 C&A 50X200'X002 CL 1/RL 2
SHT-4385 C&A 100X200X002 CL 1/RL 2
SHT-4390 C&A 12X200X002 CL 1/RL 2
SHT-4395 C&A 16X200X002 CL 1/RL 2
SHT-4405 C&A 3X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4410 C&A 4X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4415 C&A 6X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4420 C&A 8X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4425 C&A 10X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4430 C&A 12X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4440 C&A 16X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4445 C&A 20X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4447 C&A 24X100X004 CL 1/RL 4
SHT-4450 C&A 3X100X006 CL 1/RL 6
SHT-4452 C&A 4X100X006 CL 1/RL 6
SHT-4455 C&A 6X100X006 CL 1/RL 6
SHT-4460 C&A 8X100X006 CL 1/RL 6
SHT-4465 C&A 10X100X006 CL 1/RL 6
SHT-4480 C&A 16X100X006 CL 1/RL 6
SHT-4485 C&A 20X100X006 CL 1/RL 6

Order your continuous roll sheeting today. Custom sizes are available by requesting a custom quote. For help in choosing which product is right for you, call us today at 1-800-842-3113.